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Новый кабельный соединитель BNC 75 Ом для HDTV.BNC 75 Ом...
Новые пружинные межплатные SMP адаптеры.Высокочастотные соединения между модулями и платами...
Влагозащищенные IP68 соединители серии QMA.Защитите ваше телекоммуникационное оборудование от воздействия...

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Radiall is the choice of Industry leaders across the globe when quality, reliability, and performance are mission critical. Our Space Qualified passive product offering includes a wide range of coaxial connectors, cable assemblies, microwave components, and switches with a frequency range up to Ka band.

Industries: Space Qualified Components

The following industries are primary users of Radiall's Space Qualified. Product performance characteristics have been tailored to address the requirements of our customers within these industries. If you have questions about our products or specific requirements, please contact a Radiall representative near you.

  Space Qualified cable assemblies
  Space Qualified cable assemblies
  Space Qualified connectors
  Space Qualified loads & attenuators
  Space Qualified phase shifters
  Space Qualified switches